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#Posisi sebagai : Software Evalluation Engineer

Job Description

- Responsible for conducting user acceptance testing of Standalone Function (Copy, Scan, Settings, Memory card print). 

- Translate Written and oral, Product Specification and Requirement Document from Japanese to English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

- Execute tests, create report document, and conduct post project review. 

- Attend Coordination meeting with Japanese Software Engineer


- D3/ S1 Japanese Literature 

- High initiative and curiosity 

- Able to work in team/individually 

- Stronger in analytical and logical thinking

#Posisi sebagai : PCB Design Staff

Job Description

- Handling electrical circuit (Main controller, Power supply) board design for printer Evaluating electrical circuit 

- EMC testing and making the report


- D4/S1 Electronics Engineering 

- Understanding electronic Circuit Analysis 

- Has good knowledge Electrical Design and Evaluation Electronic Circuit Analysis 

- Able to use Eagle or Proteus

#Posisi sebagai : Automation Mechanical Design Staff

Job Description

- Designing mechanism of automation product 

- Drawing


- D3 – S1 Major in Mechanical Engineering 

- Have knowledge about Automation System/Robotics 

- Able to read Technical Drawing, (level Medium) 

- Familiar with 3D-2D Tools

#Posisi sebagai : Part Engineering Staff

Job Description

- Follow up QCD New Model 

- Follow up QDC Current Model 

- Quality Improvement at Supplier 

- Conducting defect analysis up to root cause in engineering process of a product


- S1 in Mechanical/ Material & Mettalurgy Engineering 

- Understand Part Drawing (3D Design)

#Posisi sebagai : Purchasing Staff

Job Description

- Purchase process and controlling parts for production requirements 

- Procurement basic operation 

- Vendor Production Control 

- Vendor Stock Control


- S1 Industrial/ IT/ Economy Engineering 

- Having knowledge on SAP/ ERP system 

- Able to use VB and Macro especially on Ms. Excel 

- Have experience min. 1 years would be advantageous

#Posisi sebagai : Mold Production Staff

Job Description

- Mold Maker 

- Mold Assembly 

- Mold Repair


- D3 Mechanical Engineering 

- Can operate measuring tools (Caliper, micrometer, dial, CMM) & Familiar with machining

#Posisi sebagai : Product Engineering Staff

Job Description

- Involving in engineering process of a product 

- Creating ALO, WI, MOST 

- Conducting defect analysis up to root cause in engineering process of a product


- D3 – S1 in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering 

- Understand Part Drawing (3D Design) 

- Fast learner and Stronger in analytical thinking 

- Have experience min. 1 years would be advantageous

#Posisi sebagai : System Development Staff

Job Description

- Designing, coding and testing new web and desktop applications 

- Maintaining Existing applications 

- Investigating and developing skill in new technologies


- D3-S1 Computer Science / Informatics Engineering 

- Has good knowledge about computer programming with basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/ JavaScript 

- Has good knowledge about Database (MSSQL, MySQL, etc.) 

- Has good knowledge about basic of object oriented programming concept 

- Have experience min. 1 years would be advantageous

#Posisi sebagai : Manufacturing Innovation Engineering

Job Description

- Pokayoke IT tool innovation, development, evaluation, & implementation. 

- Software & application development especially based on image processing technology 

- Standardize of manufacturing operation system to each factories


- D4/S1 Electrical/ Electronic & Instrumentation/ Computer Engineering/ IT 

- Able to do programming especially using Visual C++ and Visual Basic .net 

- Having knowledge about image processing technology

Pelaksanaan : 28 November 2018 s/d 30 November 2018

Profile Perusahaan : Epson Indonesia, PT Epson Indonesia CIBIS Tower 9 3rd Floor CIBIS B
From pioneering the world’s first compact lightweight digital printer, the EP-101, to inventing the world’s first quartz watch, Epson has continued to produce innovative products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies. As a global technology leader, Epson creates and delivers technology solutions for businesses and consumers, from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots. The comp

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